6 Tips for Selling Your Burlington, NC House for a Job Relocation

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Exploring better career options and jumping at opportunities are some of the common reasons why people move out. Recently, this has proven to be the case more often, as people chase a better life following the Great Resignation. However, moving out is an involved and costly process for which you should be prepared. And part of moving out for a job is selling your old home, which can take quite a bit of time. To help you prepare for this properly, we’ve put together a list of 6 tips for selling your Burlington, North Carolina house for a job relocation.

1. Know what your home is worth

The first step to successfully selling your Burlington NC house, whether for a job relocation or not, is to know what your home is worth objectively. If you’ve lived in your current home for a while, it’s easy to see it as more valuable than it is. This can lead to your asking price being too high, pushing potential buyers away. The easiest way to find your home’s worth is to contact a professional real estate agent for help. However, you can also find out with a bit of research of your own into the local real estate market. Look at the local market and base your price on a home similar to yours. This is vital to selling your house without an agent in North Carolina, especially in Burlington, as Burlington’s real estate market differs from the rest of the state.

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Knowing what price you should list your home for is a vital part of the process.

2. Plan for the move

Relocating for a job means you might not have enough time to prepare for your move before moving. So, realistically, you need to be ready to move out as soon as you sell your house. Or, maybe even before selling your Burlington NC house. As such, when relocating for a job, experts from Beltway Movers recommend that you start planning as soon as you know you’ll be moving. Additionally, remember to consider all moving expenses while planning. For example, since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from January 2018, moving expenses related to a job relocation are only tax deductible if you’re an active member of the Armed Forces and are permanently relocating because of a military order. Everyone else must pay the full price, so remember to plan ahead.

3. Consider a cash offer

If you already have a job offer, chances are you have to move as fast as possible. As such, quickly selling your old home is a must. To this end, cash offers are a great choice when selling your Burlington NC house. In Burlington, houses sell much faster for cash offers, although this also has drawbacks. When opting for a cash offer, you will get less money than if you listed your home. That being said, if your house has some issues, then selling for a cash offer means you can also sell your home as-is much more easily. So, cash offers are one of the best ways to sell your home fast in Burlington NC.

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Cash offers are a great way to sell your home quickly.

4. Fix any issues as quickly as possible

If selling the home as-is isn’t an option, you will have to fix any issues it has quickly, if there are issues. To this end, a pre-list inspection is your best call, as this is the fastest way to identify issues. This kind of inspection highlights potential dangers within the home and anything that might stall negotiations with buyers. As such, getting a pre-list inspection is an excellent idea since it allows you to find every issue quickly and efficiently. This is also very important when moving long-distance for your new job. If you’re moving far away, you will have fewer chances to fix the home’s issues and sell it. And when it comes to the move, make sure you can trust your movers. Therefore, gather all the info (for example, in a list of questions to ask long distance movers) you need before making any decision.

5. Hire an experienced real estate agent

A realtor with a lot of experience can help you sell your house very quickly. This is because good realtors can guide you through the entire process and ensure there are no issues. Make sure to look for a realtor with plenty of experience in Burlington. Additionally, they will know what a reasonable price for a house is and what issues could possibly complicate the sale. Having a good realtor can make the sale process much easier, and we recommend you find a realtor you can trust to guide you. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the sale process can help quite a bit overall. Knowing the pros and cons of a direct sale vs. FSBO vs. an agent will help you overall.

Realtor pointing at a laptop screen.
An experienced realtor can make the sale much easier for you.

6. Research the local real estate market

Knowing what sort of market you’re in can help quite a lot during every step of selling your house before a job relocation. Additionally, knowing what amenities buyers want makes the process much easier. Comparing the price you’re asking for your home with other homes sold in the area is also very good. All in all, thorough research into the local real estate market can give you quite the advantage during the sale process. So, don’t be lazy and do your due diligence before making any decision.

Six tips for selling your Burlington NC house for a job relocation – wrap up

Selling your house for a job relocation can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, knowing how to approach the process properly makes it much easier overall. At the end of the day, it comes down to knowing your local market and fixing anything which could delay the sale or turn away potential buyers as soon as possible. All in all, if you can do that, it should be fine. We hope this list of 6 tips for selling your Burlington NC house for a job relocation helps you move your house, and we wish you a good day.

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