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If your family has grown and prospered, then it is only natural for you to be considering a move into a roomier and comfier abode. However, there are still specific concerns and helpful advice for you to consider before tackling the task of securing a new property. To help with this, we present to you tips for moving into a bigger home in Cary!

Decide if you want to work with an agent

The first step of moving into a bigger home is, of course, acquiring it. You have several different ways available to you as a means to achieve this. Since buying or selling your house without an agent in North Carolina is very much a possible thing to do. 919homebuyers are one of the best places to find or sell a home if you do not want to bother with going through the process of finding and then hiring a decent agent. And the variety of homes for sale is more than abundant enough for you to find an excellent option for your family!

A woman shopping for cash home buyers in Cary NC.
Do research and sell your home without a real estate agent!

Pick out a good moving company

Of course, you might need help getting all of your things to your new home, too. And in fact, it is always wise to hire local movers since neighboring experts can handle it much better than someone who does not know the area. It is still admittedly possible to get away with not using professional services. But that would require multiple trips in the vehicle you have available. Or hiring a moving truck, which is almost as expensive as hiring professionals who would ensure your items get to their destination without any damage.

Sell your old home for cash and get additional funds

You can never have enough freely available funds when planning a move. Particularly when upsizing your home. This is why you should seriously consider selling your old house. And if you do decide to do it, it is helpful to know about the ways to sell your house in a flooded market. However, most methods to sell a home require long waiting times. This would tie up part of your time and funds simply hoping that a suitable buyer comes along. Thus, if you are in a hurry, you should strongly think about selling directly to 919 Home Buyers.

Do not get taken in by fixer-uppers

The North Carolina housing market typically features steep prices. That much is true. Cary has the advantage of being on the cheaper side of things, at least compared to the rest of the state. But the prices might drive you into looking to find ‘an amazing deal’ anyway. And when it comes to selling a damaged house, a lot of sellers try to frame their property as the fixer-upper of your dreams. However, before you can decide whether this is true, you need to take a hard, long look at the facts. Are the repairs the house requires cheap? Is it possible to do them quickly? Would I need to invest more money than I would pay for a place in good condition? You might find such a deal to not be so good for you after all.

A home renovation in progress.
Home renovations are a complex and messy business, so tread carefully!

Take into account higher bills

Now, when moving into a bigger home in Cary, you need to keep in mind the differences between small and big houses. You have likely grown used to your current utility bills. They are a monthly occurrence like clockwork, and you know, at least roughly, exactly how much money you need to set aside. However, with your move, things will change. With a larger home comes a larger area to keep lit, more devices, and more appliances. All of this will contribute towards higher utility bills, and if you do not budget carefully, it might catch you by surprise.

Do not buy a home larger than you need

A lot of people who look to upscale their home tend to overdo things. And, though prices in Cary are better, they can still be steep, particularly for large properties in mint condition. So, before you go spending all your money, think about whether you need a house of such size. Would you have more rooms than you can realistically use? Could you keep the house in good condition and warm during the winter? Remember that, without upkeep, a place quickly deteriorates. And large homes need lots of maintenance.

Always keep in mind the resale value

If you eventually decide to downscale again or switch homes, you want to at least make back the money you had spent. Admittedly, fixer-uppers are great when it comes to their resale value. At least if you had been smart about the renovations or could do them yourself. This way, you could contact experts and quickly secure funds for a new home purchase. Even if you had not bought a fixer-upper, you could still profit. If you plan your purchase well, you can invest in a home in a developing area which would end up worth a lot more in a few years.

Pick your Cary neighborhood with care

You will, of course, want to find the best area for your family to call home. If you are a young family, then the Raleigh-Cary area is ideal. It is a great place to raise a family, according to Forbes, and the number one place to find a good job, which means that you would have a lot of opportunities to grow and advance. Apex has also been praised for its schooling system, so staying near it would allow for an easier commute to school.

Remember that cleaning will be harder

Finally, when moving into a bigger home in Cary, remember that it will take a lot more effort to clean! Every additional room will be more work added to your itinerary. This is not necessarily a bad thing. And you can also encourage your kids to help out with chores. But it is still a useful thing to keep in mind since it would otherwise catch you unprepared.

A professional house cleaner.
Both for convenience and due to the pandemic, you ight want a professional house cleaner to clean your home when preparing to sell your house!

Final word

Now that you have gone through our tips for moving into a bigger home in Cary, you should be better prepared! Just keep everything we have mentioned in mind and the needs of your family, and you should be just fine.

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