How to Prepare for Moving Far Away from Raleigh, NC

Moving far away from Raleigh, NC

If you want your move to go well, then you need to prepare for it properly! To this end, we’ve put together a guide on how to prepare for moving far away from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Carefully set up a budget

The first thing you need to do to prepare for moving far away from Raleigh in Wake County, North Carolina is to have your budget figured out. We won’t mince words; moving to a new city is expensive, especially if you are making a long-distance move. You need to get a new place to live, pay the movers, and do a whole ton of other stuff. So, without a solid plan in place, you can very easily find yourself in over your head. Especially since considerations such as whether you are selling your house via rent-to-own in Raleigh or through a more traditional sale impact your budgeting a lot. All of these things need to be carefully considered, so you don’t end up having to tough it out until your first paycheck once you’ve actually moved.

A sold house
How quickly your house sells will have a huge impact on your budgeting.

Make sure to take care of before-move business

One of the most important things you need to do to prepare for moving far away from Raleigh, North Carolina is to take care of procedures you need to go through. First, you need to get your family’s school and health records. Without them, you can neither enroll your kids in a new school nor can you go to a doctor properly. Then, you need to take care of a few miscellaneous tasks. Chief among them is canceling any and all subscriptions tied to your address, as well as redirecting mail to your new home. Then, you should also make sure to have your documents altered to contain your new address. You could get into legal trouble if you delay that for too long, so get to it quickly! Finally, shortly before your move, remember to cancel your utilities at the old address or have them transferred to the new owners.

Be aware of the ‘hidden’ moving costs

When budgeting, people tend just to remember the big spending. However, it is actually smaller expenses that will add up and get you into trouble. For example, you can focus on the move and forget the cost of moving supplies. Or you can focus too much on the cost of a home and forget what it will cost to have it cleaned and prepared for your arrival. Especially since you likely won’t be able to do that yourself, living far away.

Contact movers as soon as you know you want to move

It is important to start looking for a moving company as soon as you know you will be moving. This is because long distance moving from Raleigh and choosing a moving company requires reading lots of reviews, going through references, etc., to find the help you can rely on. Not just any moving company will do, and if you want too long, better moving companies might be booked entirely when you try to hire them.

Never leave packing for the last minute

Another useful tip for trying to prepare for moving far away from Raleigh, North Carolina is never to start packing just a few days before the move. It takes a ton of time to pack properly and actually choose what you’ll be taking with you and what you’ll donate, gift, or throw away. You can always leave essentials behind and just pack those up a day before the move. But you must not allow yourself to be unprepared once the movers have arrived.

Absolutely visit your future home at least once

You can easily finish the entire process of purchasing a home through an agent without ever having stepped foot onto the property you’re interested in. However, this is extremely unwise. First, you won’t be able to guarantee the condition of the house. Second, you won’t have the opportunity to check out the neighborhood and decide whether you can put up with the neighbors there. Finally, you’ll be entirely lost once you get to your new home, with no knowledge of even where the nearest store is. So, focusing on how to sell your house fast in Raleigh is all well and good. But take the time to visit your future home and spend a day exploring, too. You won’t regret it.

Spend some time with your kids

Kids take the stress of moving badly if you don’t support them throughout it. After all, you can rationalize the experience, yet it’s likely not easy for you to leave your home behind. Just imagine what they are feeling. Especially when Raleigh is likely the only home they’d ever known! For both your sakes, take the time to hang out and talk things out.

Plan out your pet’s relocation carefully too

As the experts from Verified Movers love to point out, if you don’t handle them well, your pets will make your move hell. They have even less of an idea of what’s going on than your kids and are sure to freak out. So, get all the equipment you’ll need to safely transfer them to your new home. And you’ll likely want to be there for them during the move itself, too!

A dog in a box
You’ll likely want to at least get a proper carrier for your pet.

Have a plan for your arrival at your new home

The final aspect of trying to prepare for moving far away from Raleigh, North Carolina is having a plan for your arrival at your new home. Namely, you need to prepare a list of tasks to complete once you’re there. Things such as having your utilities turned on, finding all the light switches and breakers in your new home, checking out the water vents to make sure everything’s fine, etc. The stress of moving doesn’t end even if you find your ideal home. And if you don’t have a solid plan for after the move, it can linger for quite a while.

A happy family moving in thanks to knowing how to prepare for moving far away from Raleigh
Your priority throughout the move should be to keep your family happy.

Final comment

Now that you’ve read our guide on moving far away from Raleigh, North Carolina, you should be able to handle it with no issues! Just keep in mind that preparing will take time. In fact, it will likely take several months while you wait for everything to fall in place. And that’s okay; far better, in fact, than rushing things to your own detriment.

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