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We Make Selling Your House In Raleigh Simple & Hassle-Free 😉

No complicated processes, repairs, or stressful showings.

Sell in as-is condition

We buy houses in as-is condition which means we will take it exactly how it is!

Easy sales process

Our three-step process eliminates the hassle and stress of selling your house.

Close on your schedule

We can close when you’re ready to sell; whether that’s a week or six months.

No repairs needed

No matter how many repairs your house needs, we can take care of it! We handle all repairs.

No commissions or fees

Since we are buying your house, there are no real estate agent commissions or fees to work with us.

No cleaning needed

When you sell to us, feel free to leave it dirty and with all your unwanted items!

Sell Without Making Repairs in Raleigh North Carolina

Sell your house in North Carolina without spending a cent on repairs!

Are you ready to sell your house in North Carolina? Before considering spending your money making repairs, replacements, taking the time to clean, or signing a listing agreement binding you to an agent for an extended period, you may want to learn more about your other options available. Learn how selling your home directly without making any fixes to a professional buyer will give you many benefits.

There are plenty of reasons why a homeowner would want to sell their home in North Carolina as-is. Some of these reasons could be the following ones:

  • They are worried about foreclosure.
  • Getting a divorce
  • They don’t have enough money to make all the fixes.
  • Tired of bad tenants.
  • They don’t want to make the repairs necessary to sell the house.

“Easy Sale gave us a fair price and was very easy to work with. When the closing on our new house was delayed, they worked with us and saved us from having to pack up twice. Great folks.”

– Paul Black

We can buy your house regardless of the condition or situation! 😱

Here are a few situations we have helped homeowners in:

Any Reason

 You need to avoid or prevent foreclosure?
 Behind on taxes?
 Tired of a rental?
 Expired listing?
 Job transfer?

Any Condition

Selling a house vacant?
House needs major repairs?
Fire Damaged?
Hoarder Home?
Pool Issues?
Storm Damage?

Any Challenge

Falling behind on payments?
Going through probate?
Health Issues, and need to sell?
Going through a divorce, and need to sell quick?
Job loss?
Code violations?
 Problems with tenants?

Sell Your House As-Is

Selling your property as-is makes things easier but may not net you the price you are after. With our following tips, you will be able to sell your house as-is, so you can quickly and easily move on with your life.

Show your house’s potential: When selling your house as-is in North Carolina, it is essential to show your prospective customers what it can be. With a little affection and also some effort, the house could end up being the home they have constantly dreamed of. It is also up to you to let them recognize this fact. You can also utilize a simulation program to style, fix, and equip the space, giving your customers an idea of what could be after they put in a little work.

Additionally, if your house needs a lot of repairs, restorations, and also upgrades, you will certainly have a lot of potential buyers who take one look and also leave, yet don’t give up! It is still possible to offer your home as-is in North Carolina. While the multiple listing service might not constantly be the best place for listing your house, At 919 Home Buyers, we are the direct buyer you need since we are ready to buy your residence as-is in Raleigh!

Focus on the strengths: When searching for a potential customer for your house in Raleigh, and you want to sell without fixing it, you’ll intend to highlight every one of the wonderful points that the house offers. It could be that the property is in an excellent location. Maybe there is a brand-new HVAC system, or perhaps the schools in the area are the best around. If your house isn’t one of the most visually appealing on the block, make sure to bring your potential buyer to focus on what makes the residential property so fantastic. Nevertheless, at 919 Home Buyers, we can make you a fair offer no matter what type of fixes your home may need!

Our Client’s Testimonials

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Sell Your House To A Direct Buyer

The fastest and simplest way to sell your home in North Carolina is to offer it to a direct buyer who is ready to purchase the property as-is. Dealing with an agent can set you back a great deal of money; in addition, the required repairs can add up a lot of expenses as well.
Yet when you work with a home buying company like us, the process is very easy and quick. We’ll let you know what we can supply without having to worry about a low-ball offer, red-tape, or responsibility.

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