Things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe County home

A white house with a red roof for sale in Edgecombe County NC.
Sell your home in Edgecombe County, NC

If you would like to sell your house fast in North Carolina, you must be in need of advice. Luckily for you, we have made a list of things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe County home. We understand you must be eager to move to a larger house and finish the sale quickly. However, there are numerous things to deal with before putting your home up for sale in NC.

The list of things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe County home

Selling a house fast for cash entails more than just putting it up “for sale.” Therefore, make sure you peruse our checklist of things to keep in mind when entering the home selling process. Many of these tips are surprisingly easy, while others require more time and effort when selling.

However, once you follow the tips, we are sure you’ll be getting your cash offers quickly. When that happens, relocating to your new house is the next big thing to do. To ensure you settle in and get cozy, you could also hire movers in NC to help you unpack and organize your belongings in no time. So, to help you get to this step, here are the essential things to bear in mind when wanting to sell your house in Edgecombe County NC.

1. Find a reputable real estate agent

Working with a professional to sell your home has numerous benefits. If you hire an experienced realtor, be sure they can help you sell your house faster and for a better price.

Your real estate agent will be an excellent source for many things, such as pricing your home right. Pricing your home correctly is one of the vital things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe County home.

Additionally, a great agent is knowledgeable about the specific market and will help you make correct decisions. On the other hand, you can always sell your home fast for cash and skip hiring an agent altogether simply by contacting us for a cash offer.

2. Consider curb appeal

It’s a fact that potential buyers tend to judge a book by its covers (Don’t we all at some point?). Thus, you want to make sure the first impression counts. In addition, your curb appeal should inspire potential buyers to stop by the house and schedule a tour.

Luckily, having excellent curb appeal requires only a few easy upgrades. Some of those could be repainting your front door, having your lawn freshly mowed, and planting colorful flowers.

3. The old but gold – declutter and depersonalize

When selling your house in the Rocky Mount and Tarboro NC areas, it’s vital to follow the “less is more” rule. So, when taking photos or having buyers over for a tour, make sure you do the following.

  • clean the counters, tables, and other visible areas;
  • clean windows and windowsills;
  • tackle the closets, drawers, and cupboards.
A clean living room as one of the things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe County home in NC.
Make sure your living spaces are spotless and depersonalized when having viewers over.

When the house is overflowing with stuff, it is more difficult for potential buyers to visualize themselves living there. Also, they might think there won’t be enough space for their belongings when they move in.

Therefore, by cleaning your home and moving the distractions away (like personal photographs, kids’ drawings, bold artwork), you will be able to create a sort of a blank canvas. This will make it easier for the buyers to project their own visions of living there.

4. Go for neutrals when repainting

Even though you might adore your orange accent wall, it could be your potential buyer’s least favorite color. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s not so common that someone hates neutral colors, so those are a good option when it comes to giving your walls a fresh coat of paint.

5. Touch up what needs repairing

Selling a home with lots of minor problems and needs for small repairs will be difficult. If you show a fixed and move-in ready home to your potential buyers, it’s more likely you will get more interest and multiple offers. So, make sure you fix up your house before putting it on the market in NC.

The small things you can repair are:

  • cracks in the wall;
  • leaking faucets;
  • missing lightbulbs, and
  • loose door handles.

Seeing these minor problems might lead buyers to think about what else is broken here they can’t see and how much it will cost them to repair it.

6. Add plants and candles

Green adds brightness to any place and makes it feel more welcoming. Therefore, remember that green is good when on the mission to stage and sell your home.

Also, make sure your home smells pleasant. Lightly scented candles will make any room feel more luxurious and add a sense of warmth.

A girl's hand lighting up a candle in a home in Edgecombe County NC.
Having a house that smells pleasantly will leave a good impression on your potential buyers in NC.

However, if you are not a candle lover, we recommend doing the “odor test.” Foul odors can be a deal-breaker, and you might not be able to notice them. This is when you should call the third party to come in and try to detect any smells, like kitchen or pet odors.

7. Clean thoroughly

When preparing your house for tours, you want it to be spotless. Even if you’ve cleaned the night before, make sure you clean some more the following day too.

A hand in a yellow glove cleaning the sink in a house in Edgecombe County NC.
One of the things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe County home is that it needs to be spotless when the viewers arrive.

It’s crucial to have everything tidy before the buyers arrive. Also, you can never know when a cash home buyer in NC might schedule a last-minute showing. 

8. Put up professional photos

Never underestimate the power of the pictures you post. These are the first impressions for each of your potential buyers. So, if you or your realtor aren’t skilled at professional photography, the expense worth taking is hiring a professional photographer. 

9. Consider making a video tour

The best real estate agents keep up with the trends. This means they utilize videos in addition to photos of the house. The potential homebuyers will probably look at the images first. Once they awaken an interest in them, they will head to the video, which will most likely result in scheduling a showing.

Final thoughts on things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe county home

And there you have it. These were some of our best tips on things to have in mind when selling your Edgecombe county home. By now, you have probably realized the first impression plays a vital role in many cases.

On the other hand, if you aren’t satisfied with the offers you get, you can always contact us, as we buy houses in your county in North Carolina, too!

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