Pros and Cons of Selling a Furnished Home in Wake County, NC

A stylish, fully furnished kitchen and dining area.

To sell a furnished or not furnished home is the question. Or at least that is how Shakespeare would present the dilemma you are going through if you intend to sell but are unsure whether you should empty your home or not. Selling a furnished home in Wake County, North Carolina, has its advantages and disadvantages. The market itself is pretty balanced at the moment, meaning the demand and supply of homes are about the same. Take a look at these pros and cons of listing a furnished home and decide what is best for you.  

PRO: Selling a furnished home in Wake County, NC, happens faster

Putting a home that is fully furnished up for sale is likely to result in the whole process finishing quicker. The reason for that is the fact that many people simply do not want to do too much work after they purchase a home. When a home is move-in ready, they do not have to go shopping for furniture, hire decorators and deal with construction workers and repairmen. Those that like what they see can move in within days after the sale is finalized. The new chapter of their lives starts sooner, and many are eager for that to happen. Some people are living as tenants, and the more time passes until they can move in, the more money is lost. As a seller, make sure you point all this to the potential buyers during the negotiation phase of your sale.

CON: The price of furnished homes rarely covers the furniture expenses

Even though the furniture will most likely help you find your buyer sooner, you will not be able to fully include the price of the furniture in the purchase price. You might be able to sell your home at a slightly higher price than would be the case if it were empty. Unfortunately, you cannot expect that difference to be enough to cover the actual furniture costs. When you look at it that way, among the expenses you will have to bear during the sale, the furniture expenses are something you can avoid. It is best to do a thorough calculation and see if an investment of this sort is worth the slight price increase you can get.

PRO: When you are selling a furnished home, moving in/out is easier

Relocation is much easier when you are not taking the furniture with you. The relocation experts from Fairfax Transfer and Storage add that it is much cheaper too. So when a potential buyer sums up the costs of purchasing the furniture plus the expenses of its relocation, they may find it more affordable to buy a home that comes with furniture.

A man holding a box in front of a van full of boxes.
One of the pros of selling a furnished home in Wake County is that moving in and out is much simpler and cheaper.

CON: Your taste in furniture may not match the tastes of some potential buyers

Even if you were an interior decorator, there are people with tastes different than yours. There is absolutely no way that your home will be appealing to everyone. What that means is that by listing a furnished home, you will lose a part of potential buyers. The best way to make sure a larger portion of people like your home is to stick to safer choices when decorating your home for sale. Avoid styles that are no longer popular as well as those that are super trendy. Stick to colors and furniture design types that are more neutral and less ornate and those that have been around longer. There is a better chance that potential buyers will like them more.

A living room with a velvet sofa and a table, all in neutral colors.
Neutral colors and furniture pieces of styles that are generally popular and have been around for some time.

PRO: Furniture that paints the whole picture draws attention away from the home’s flaws

When buyers enter a move-in ready home, they will likely start daydreaming about what life will be like there. They will sit on the sofa and look at the TV, suddenly imagining watching a game with friends. A woman might see a piece of patio furniture and picture herself having a chat with her besties there. All that will draw attention away from your home’s disadvantages or make them seem insignificant.

A woman daydreaming in a stylish hammock, which can happen when you are selling a furnished home in Wake County.
When potential buyers like your move-in ready home, they may focus on their potential life there and fail to see your home’s disadvantages.

CON: The presence of furniture can make the space seem smaller

Both when you are selling a home full of furniture or staging it, make sure you do not make the mistake of overfilling it. Too much furniture and the whole scene will create an impression that the place is not so spacious. Empty homes seem bigger, whereas furnished ones can seem smaller, which can throw off some potential buyers.

PRO: Those that are buying a property to rent it out will find furnished homes more convenient

Not everyone is buying a property to live in it himself. Some people intend to rent it out. Those are the ones that will appreciate furnished homes the most. Firstly, even if they are not impressed with your decor choices, they will not care too much. If they bought an empty home, they would have to fill it with furniture, which is both an added expense and a waste of their time. The move-in ready home means faster renting and faster revenue generating. Always point out the fact that your home is ready to take in the new owners/tenants immediately. That is your number one advantage, and it might be exactly what someone is looking for.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, it is hard to decide whether selling a furnished home in Wake County, North Carolina, is a better option than selling an empty one. It comes down to your priorities and the choices you make during the furnishing. The best advice is to make two detailed plans. One should involve a sale of an empty home, and the other should be adjusted for selling a furnished home. After you analyze both options, decide which one you prefer and go for it. Planning in detail has always been the most certain way to successfully execute any project. Apply this approach to your home sale, and you will achieve the result you are looking for.

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